Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayer Request

This was designed as a way to keep up to date prayer requests.


  1. You can also call the Pastors pray line.
    (336)969-6937 ext 33

  2. Family of Kaylee Smith
    Family of Sue Hardy
    Clara Tuttle, Debbie White & Tammy Cooke
    Barbara Sherman & Allyson Casstevens
    David Smith, Olen King, Ronnie Venable, Carl Blackmon & Perry Easter
    James Chesney (Jennifer’s father)
    Bonnie Ellis – her loved ones
    James Templeton (Dwight’s father)
    Larry Graham’s mother
    Glenda Simmons’ uncle, Frances Bean & the Young Family
    Marie Sirohman’s special request & lost loved ones
    Ernie Bullins injured his leg
    Larry Gann – colonoscopy on 11/23

    Requests from prior weeks
    Philip Edmund with pancreatic cancer (Bud Haley’s cousin)
    Carolyn Tilley – spots on lungs (Louise Rippey’s neighbor)
    Greg Moore with stage 4 cancer (request from Jerry Collins)
    Danny Watson’s son & daughter-in-law
    Pat Collins with kidney stones
    Brenda Templeton’s special request
    Sandy Miller – recovering from surgery
    Linda Morris’ brother-in-law with leukemia
    Shelby Lawson’s three brothers
    Eva Creasman – special request & Cindi Stone
    Bud Haley – special request & lost family members
    Family of Nellie Hampton
    Russell & Rita Deavers
    Gene Horton’s family & unsaved friends
    Linda Morris’ family & neighbors
    Pat Bullins’ lost family members and special requests
    Pat Weddell (request from Katherine McNeil)
    Debbie Watts’ son
    Donna Petravich facing more surgery & chemo (request from Thelma Tuttle)
    Sam Hopkins’ lost loved ones
    Mark & Debbie Denoff’s grandson (Caleb Barnes)
    Linda Waller’s lost loved ones
    Sandy Beard’s coworker (Tonya), Sherman Petree & Tyron
    Kathy McKinney’s lost loved ones & family
    Sandeep Virwaney’s parents & sister for salvation
    Nancy Sherbino – special request for her sons & Jim & Mary Jo
    Joe Crist, James Payne & Charlie Jones (request from Fred Brendle)
    Trisha Curran Sandgren & John Sandgren (request from Barbara Sherman)
    Joey Pegram’s son (Chris)
    Sara Allen with thyroid cancer (request from Bonnie Ellis)
    Tina Rotenbury & Trina Marion (request from Thelma Tuttle )
    John Tucker’s sister and her family
    Steve Miller & Doug Davis (request from Jerry Collins)
    Our Pastor
    Brother Clint
    David Smith
    Olen King
    Clara Tuttle
    Ronnie Venable
    Allyson Casstevens
    Bob Durham
    Sonny Joyce
    Fred Brendle
    Frankie Bryan
    Danny Cole
    Tammy Cooke
    Randy & Teresa Horton
    James & Annie Anderson
    Tony & Diane Holt
    Gray & Nancy Linville
    Harold & Betty Priddy
    Leon & Betty Mosley
    Mamie Ritchie
    Odell Myers
    Ina Smith
    Ford Yarbrough
    Odell Pruitt