Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayer Request

This was designed as a way to keep up to date prayer requests.


  1. You can also call the Pastors pray line.
    (336)969-6937 ext 33

  2. Sandy Miller –awaiting biopsy results
    Greg Snider & family in the loss of his mother
    Gene Horton’s special request & he got a job
    Carl & Carol Boling’s unspoken request
    Glenda Simmons’ sister with strep throat & Frances Bean
    Dawn Bryant taking chemo (request from Julie Serber)
    Peggy Cowden with cancer (request from Kay Simmons)
    John & Marie Sirohman – special request & lost loved ones
    Doug Kingsbury & Robert Mayatt (request from Jerry Collins)
    Wade Simmons’ very special request & our nation
    Joe Collins’ coworker had a heart attack
    Family of Cynthia Wineberry (request from Brenda Templeton)
    Mark Matthews with migraines and Virginia Hill with health issues
    Earnest Smith recovering from a stroke (request from Tracy Whitaker)
    Jerry as he teaches from Revelation
    Larry Graham’s mother turned 92

    Requests from prior weeks
    Shirley Johnson’s brother (Butch Tilley) has cancer
    Roy Hall (Kay Kiser’s father)
    Sam Hopkins’ lost loved ones
    Family of Tyler Hayden (request from Wade Simmons)
    Julie Serber’s lost loved ones & Bill Martin with health issues
    Delmar Lawson & Shelby’s brothers
    Christine Kiger’s family
    Kay Coe’s lost loved ones & Randy Coe
    Gail Hawkins taking chemo (request from Treva Jones)
    Larry Jones’ sister (Ms. Whitaker) in Oak Forest
    Terry Brendle - traveling safety
    Jim & Mary Jo Dickenson (request from Nancy Serbino)
    Nancy Sherbino – special request for her two sons & her neighbor
    Gene & Imogene Thacker’s grandson with health problems
    Family of Faye Holland (Debbie Willard’s mother)
    Family of Leon Mosley
    The Wanders Family (request from Catherine McNeil)
    Eva Creasman – lost loved ones
    Thomas Lawson (request from Barbara Sherman)
    Jennifer Stanley - shingles on face & head (Jimmy & Nancy Long’s daughter)
    David & Allysa Phelps for salvation (request from Sam Hopkins)
    Trina Marion (Thelma Tuttle’s daughter)
    Karen Smith’s father for salvation & other lost loved ones
    Doug Davis, Ruth & Charlie Hill & Linda Morris’ niece in Israel
    Marty Serber’s mother & lost loved ones
    Sam Hopkins’ nephew (Eric) for salvation & other lost loved ones
    John Kincaid taking chemo for bone marrow cancer (Friend of Jimmy Long)
    Perry & Jean’s lost loved ones
    Paul Alvera with bladder cancer (request from Thelma Tuttle)
    JC Neal – lost family members
    Susan Sharpe with stage 4 lung cancer (Thelma Tuttle’s friend)
    Ronnie Venable’s step dad with bone cancer
    Kathy Beeson’s sister (Phyllis Canter) with health issues
    Bonnie Ellis – her loved ones
    Linda Waller’s lost loved ones
    Joey Pegram’s son (Chris)
    Tina Rotenbury (request from Thelma Tuttle )
    Our Pastor
    Brother Clint
    Olen King
    Sonny Joyce
    Tammy Cooke
    Ford Yarbrough
    Dorothy Booth
    Betty Mosley
    Allyson Casstevens
    Mary Heath
    Mamie Ritchie
    Perry Easter
    Bob Durham
    Fred Brendle
    Frankie Bryan
    Mildred Nunn
    Randy & Teresa Horton
    James & Annie Anderson
    Tony & Diane Holt
    Harold & Betty Priddy
    Russell & Rita Deavers
    Odell Myers
    Clarence Priddy 9/27 back surgery
    (Bob Durham’s brother-in-law)

    Tammy Cooke 10/4
    appointment with back specialist