Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayer Request

This was designed as a way to keep up to date prayer requests.


  1. You can also call the Pastors pray line.
    (336)969-6937 ext 33

  2. Traveling mercy for the Bahamas Mission Group on Monday 6/29
    Our Country
    Ronnie Venable, Zane Snider, Olen King & David Smith
    Marilyn Venable’s mother (Jean Brough)
    Jessica & Ally Lowe (request from Gene Horton)
    Anita Clifton in hospital
    Larry Gann has had vertigo for 10 days
    Bob Durham not feeling well
    Sonny & Allene Joyce
    Pat Collins’ lost loved ones
    Jimmy Adams
    Marty Serber’s mother with shoulder pain
    Dallas Anders has doctor’s appointment on 6/30
    Evelyn McGuire has been moved to Oak Forest for rehab
    Samuel David McCall (6 month old) is sick
    Shelby Lawson’ oldest brother to have biopsy on Monday, 6/29
    Bob Coe will have cataract surgery in July
    Arlene Lowe’s special request
    Sherman & Jean Petree (Sandy Beard’s uncle & aunt)
    Glenda Simmons’s cousin & Frances Bean
    Sandy Miller with bad headache
    Traveling mercy for John Miller’s daughter to Ohio
    Mildred Nunn with Macular Degeneration
    Larry Gann’s mother (91) with torn tendons in her foot
    Devonna Lindel with brain cancer (request from Ruby Simmons)
    Frances Watson’s friend (Carol) has shingles

    Requests from prior weeks
    James Chesney taking chemo (Jennifer’s father)
    Debbie Denoff & Frances Bean
    Mary Jo Knight – special request
    Barbara Eldridge (Wade Simmons’ sister) in nursing home
    Pat Bullins with vertigo
    Shelby Lawson’s 3 brothers , all with health issues
    Randy Coe (Bob & Kay’s son) to have shots in shoulder for pain
    Brenda Templeton’s grandson (Austin) with school situation
    Marie Sirohman’s lost loved ones
    John Sandgren has lost his voice (Barbara Sherman’s brother
    Sandeep Virwaney’s parents & sister for salvation
    Sam Hopkins’ parents for salvation & Patricia’s special request
    David Collins with spirital need
    Alfred Simmons (Wade’s brother) in ICU
    Nancy Sherbino – special request for her sons & Jim & Mary Jo
    Arnie Sherman’s special request for family & his sister (Evelyn Armitage)
    Patty Palmer (Kay Coe’s daughter) & Katelyn Huges with cancer
    Bobbi Wright – many special requests for family
    Joe Crist (Peggy Brendle’s brother-in-law)
    Dwayne Landers with cancer (request from Wade Simmons)
    Cayden Hawtree (2 year old) with heart condition & cystic fibrosis
    Eva Creasman – special request for family situation & Cindi Stone
    James Payne & Charlie Jones (Fred’s brother-in-laws)
    Marty Serber’s mother & Julie’s father, Ed Wall
    Family of Houston Harrison (Bud & Kathy’s grandson)
    Trisha Curran Sandgren taking chemo (request from Barbara Sherman)
    Randy McCuiston taking radiation (Kay Simmons’ nephew)
    Ricky Hughes taking chemo for colon cancer (Shirley Johnson’s nephew)
    Joey Pegram’s son (Chris)
    Sara Allen with thyroid cancer (request from Bonnie Ellis)
    Tina Rotenbury & Trina Marion (request from Thelma Tuttle )
    Larry Graham with sciatic nerve pain
    Larry Graham’s sons